Q&A’s published on Lawyers.com and the Epoch Times on November 1, 2019 1. My Category Changed from F-2A to F-2B And I Got Welcome Letter From NVC 2. Working While On Tourist Visa 3. Paycheck As Proof of Employment For Post Grad OPT

1. My Category Changed from F-2A to F-2B And I Got Welcome Letter From NVC

They changed my category because I am aging out but email us that they processing my visa and will schedule interview. So there is any way I can go through interview I mean I got visa?I have read several stories that they got interview call but rejected due to age out process.For your information my father is LPR not a citizen so there is any process CSPA protect me as I must to be with my parents.

Mr. Lee Answers:
The determinative factor in whether you can go through with the interview is whether you will be considered under the age of 21. Age is frozen when the priority date is reached. You are also given credit for the length of time that the I-130 petition pended with U.S.C.I.S. before approval. If in doing the calculations you are under the age of 21 when your age is frozen, you can immigrate under the F-2A category.

2. Working While On Tourist Visa

While on a student visa I work for 1 month at a local pub to make extra money. I left US and tried to returned and was denied because I worked. 1 year later I applied and was deny because of insufficient ties. 3 years later I applied and still try to get around that question and was denied again. I was 21 then. Now I am 30 with career as a nurse. Do you think I should apply and just be honest?

Mr. Lee Answers:
Honesty is the best policy here. There is no guarantee that you will be given a tourist visa since such is given in the discretion of a US consular officer, but you appear to have changed your life and have more reasons to return to the home country. Ties and bonds with the home country are usually determinative factors in B1/B2 visa determinations. Good luck!

3. Paycheck As Proof of Employment For Post Grad OPT

I’m on OPT post grad visa and working as a steady/extra at the hotel. My employer cannot promise me any hours in a written form but for the next month I’m scheduled to work 40 hours every single week. Can I use my paycheck as a proof of employment since they cannot guarantee 20 hours per week in written form but they are telling me that I will have at least 30 hours every single week (they worked there for 4 years and never saw a steady extra worker who got less than 20 hours)? Would paycheck work as a proof of employment since it will show that I worked 40 hours?

Mr. Lee Answers:
OPT postgrad only requires that an individual work 20 hours a week in a field related to the schooling. I see nothing wrong with your being able to prove the 20 hours a week through your paychecks. I note that most paychecks have another part that shows the number of hours worked. Such would also help although it is not necessary as long as the rate of pay per hour is known.