Q&A’s published on the World Journal Weekly on May 24, 2020 – Not Selected for H-1B Registration, What Should I Do Now?

I am on OPT until 7/20/20, and my employer filed for my H-1B registration, but I just learned that I was not selected. What can I do at this point?

Mr. Lee answers,
I note that because of the present coronavirus situation, the unemployment figures have risen rapidly as employers are furloughing or laying off many staff members. There is a distinct possibility that many H-1B registrants will not be able to go forward with petitions and U.S.C.I.S. may be forced to either conduct another draw or go further down the list of the draw that has already taken place to select more applicants. Other than that possibility, you can check with your school to see whether you are eligible for a STEM extension if you are unsure; continue your F-1 education and try again next year; return to school and request CPT (better at a higher level of education), explore the possibilities of L-1 intracompany transferee visa, E visa if from a treaty country, O-1 visa especially those on the PhD level, or possibly gaining H-1B visa status through working with or working at a cap-exempt organization such as an institute of higher education, nonprofit affiliated with such Institute, a nonprofit research organization, or governmental research organization.