Q&A’s published on the World Journal Weekly on January 29, 2023 1. Biometrics appointment for I-131 still needed? 2. I-751 was submitted and fingerprints were taken. How long is the wait time?

1. Biometrics appointment for I-131 still needed?

I filed I-131 and it was accepted, and the fee taken. I have not received a biometrics letter but the status is updated to fingerprints taken. Does this mean they are using biometrics from a previous application and I do not need to wait for a biometrics appointment before leaving the US? The status on my I-131 case said, “As of XX, 2022, fingerprints relating to your Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, Receipt Number XXX, have been applied to your case.”

Mr. Lee answers,
USCIS is attempting in as many ways as it can to reduce backlogs that were caused by the pandemic and the Trump administration. Part of the effort is to reuse the biometrics whenever it can since fingerprints do not change over time. Either you failed to completely read one of the notices saying that the agency would reuse your biometrics or USCIS failed to send that one out or it was lost in the mail. The notice that you now have seems pretty clear in indicating that the agency will reuse your biometrics.

2. I-751 was submitted and finger prints were taken. How long is the wait time?

My Case, removal of conditions for the green card was submitted on 01-06-2021 my green card was expired on 01-20-2021. I received a notice for an extension of 24 months after my case was submitted which will expire in Jan 2023. My case was sent to Potomac service center, should I need a raise a E-request to process my pending case.

Mr. Lee answers,

If the notation of resident status on the I-751 receipt is close to expiration, the recommended path is to communicate with the USCIS Contact Center and arrange an infopass with the local USCIS field office so that you can present your passport and receive an I-551 ADIT stamp continuing your resident status during the time that USCIS is adjudicating your I-751 petition. USCIS will generally not expedite an application or petition on the basis that the individual’s status is expiring, especially where there is another path.