Q&A’s published on the World Journal Weekly on April 16, 2023 – Check the Processing Times of Your Case Online

Check the Processing Times of Your Case Online

A reader asks:

I filed my I-130 & I-485 in September 2021, as well as I-765 and medical examination I-693, and then I got my fingerprints on October 15.  After that, I never got any news.  In July 2020, I called the agent a few days before receiving the EAD and asked how my cases status were. They told me that my interview waived in June 2022 and the case transferred to local office in October 2022, but there was no notice.  It has been more than 500 days since the mail was sent.  My I-485 status is stall actively reviewed and my I-130 status is still received.  What is going on in this situation?

Mr. Lee answers,
Because of the pandemic, lack of funding, and loss of personnel over the past few years, USCIS backlogs have unfortunately ballooned. Although your agent informed you that your interview was waived in June 2022, cases are generally transferred to local offices for purposes of interviewing. “Active review” by USCIS many times means nothing as we have received that information on many cases that have just been receipted by the agency. You can check the processing times of your local field office to see what is its published processing time. For example, in New York currently, the Brooklyn office has a projected time of 40.5 months, Queens office 24.5 months, Manhattan 17 months, and Long Island 27 ½ months. If your case is over the processing time, you should be able to check on its status. To do so, the recommended methods are to call the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 or to launch an inquiry by e-request through egov.uscis.gov/e-request.