Q&A’s published on Lawyers.com and the Epoch Times on November 6, 2020 1. What Can Happen During My Change of Status to B2 Period? 2. Consular Processing Parent of U.S. Citizen 3. Can I Renew My Green Card on a 5 Years Deferred Probation?

1. What Can Happen During My Change of Status to B2 Period?

I have a J1 visa. It expires on December 04, 2020 but I’ve just applied to changing of status to B2 and asked to start it November 1, 2020. I live with a host family but I don’t know what to expect from them when I tell that I have to leave before December. I want to tell them now so they have time to find someone before I leave. The question is if I have to leave before November 1st – in case the family asks me to leave. if it happens, will it can cancel my J-1 visa when I leave? Can be that a problem?

Mr. Lee answers:
I assume your J-1 is not subject to a two-year home-country physical presence requirement, otherwise you cannot change your status in the United States. The date that you put down on the I-539 application to extend/change status is only a request. The important part is that you have already put in the paperwork to change status to B-2. Even if the family asks you to leave prior to November 1, that should have no effect upon your pending application to change status. The timing of when to cancel or terminate your J-1 participation in a program is not determined by your host family, but by the program sponsor. An applicant who has filed a timely request to change status is allowed to remain in the U. S. during the time that the application is being considered. (I do note that if the time up to which you request expires in the future and you do not yet have an adjudication, you should either leave the U. S. or file another I-539 application if you intend to stay).

2. Consular Processing Parent of U.S. Citizen

My parent’s I-130 is approved. How do I know if NVC is processing my parent’s immigrant visa?

 Mr. Lee answers:
When the I-130 is approved, it is standard procedure for U.S.C.I.S. to forward the approved petition to the National Visa Center. Upon receipt, the NVC sends a notice to the petitioner that it has received the petition and assigns it a case number. From that point forward, the petitioner or the applicant of further work to be done are to pay the visa fee and submit documents. If the I-130 petition has been approved and you have heard nothing from the NVC, you can contact the NVC by telephone at 603-334-0700 or by email at AskNVC@state.gov

3. Can I Renew My Green Card on a 5 Years Deferred Probation?

I had a felony case in 2015 (aggravated assault with deadly weapon). I took a plea bargain and got deferred probation for 5 years. My green card expires in 2 months, but I’ve been told that I will get denied and deported. Should I apply now or wait till my probation is over in a year and half?

Mr. Lee answers:
The question of probation is likely not determinative as the green card renewal process is not regarded as an application for the green card by a nonresident alien. The question is whether the plea bargain that you took would make you removable from the United States, and whether there are any reliefs that you could seek if the government decided to begin proceedings against you. You may wish to make an appointment with an immigration lawyer who is versed in the effects of criminal offenses on immigration status before applying for a renewal of the green card.