Q&A’s published on Lawyers.com and the Epoch Times on March 15, 2019 1. CD1 Visa 2. Russian Citizen in Mexico 3. How Can I Help My Husband Get His Citizenship Here in the U.S.?

1. CD1 Visa

I have a CD1 visa entered United States. I got married more than a year ago to an American. Is there any hope for my case after the election?

Mr. Lee answers:
You may still take advantage of the I-601A program under which your US spouse would file an I-130 petition for alien relative on your behalf, and upon its approval you would file an I-601A application to remove the bar of unlawful presence based upon extreme hardship to your US citizen spouse if the provisional waiver is not granted. If U.S.C.I.S. approves the I-601A, you would then begin consular processing with the National Visa Center with the aim of ultimately interviewing with the American consulate or embassy in your home country. Assuming that your only bar to the US was your unlawful presence, your interview would be like any other applicant’s for an immigrant visa.

2. Russian Citizen in Mexico

My friend is a Russian native and is currently in Tijuana, Mexico and would like to apply for a visa to travel to the U.S. He has tried before for a B1, B2 but was denied for not having enough money or lack of connections to travel. Is there any way I could possibly help him? I am a U.S. citizen. What should be our next step? Thank you for your time.

Mr. Lee answers:
As a US citizen, you could give your friend an I-134 affidavit of support if you have moderate to good income along with proof of that in the form of a job letter, recent payslips, banking statement, and most recent federal tax return. You could also give him a letter to take to the US consulate or embassy guaranteeing his support, what he will be doing in the US, and promising that he will return to Russia at the end of his period of visit. Whether he is able to obtain a visiting visa is in the discretion of the US consular officer.

3. How Can I Help My Husband Get His Citizenship Here in the U.S.?

Me and my fiancé will be getting married this month. How can I get his citizenship process started? He also has a 2 and a half year old daughter.

Mr. Lee answers: 
Assuming that you are a US citizen and that your fiancé and his daughter are in the US and entered the country legally, they may be eligible for adjustment of status to permanent residence without leaving the country. In such case, you would file I-130 petitions for both of them, and then your husband and his daughter would file I-485 adjustment of status applications at the same time. The cases would be submitted to the Chicago lockbox of U.S.C.I.S. and you would normally expect to be called for interview within a year.  If you are not a US citizen or there are other complications, you may wish to consult with an immigration lawyer.