Q&A’s published on Lawyers.com and the Epoch Times – 1/26/2018 1. How to Petition My Son? 2. Asylum Case 3. When Can I file My Naturalization Paper? 4. How Can I Apply for Non-immigrant Work Visa for My Friend?

1. How to Petition My Son?

I’m a green card came here in the U.S. with my 6 years old son but forgot to declare my 1 year old son still in the Philippines. How to petition him?

Mr. Lee answers:
The question is why you forgot to mention your one-year-old son. If it has nothing to do with the basis for your immigration, you could petition for him under form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative. The waiting time would be approximately 2+ years. You can also try the more complicated but shorter way of applying for him under the follow to join category which involves work with the Department of State and US Embassy as long as you were not sponsored as the spouse or parent of a U.S. citizen.

2. Asylum Case

I am Mauritanian nationality I live in Columbus Ohio for 16 months and I have an asylum case at level of immigration and since then I have no response to my box but I have to a work permit that was me for 6 months and I want to know how to restart my box to get an interview and get a result in my box 

Mr. Lee answers:
At this time, U.S.C.I S. is experiencing long delays and backlogs in scheduling asylum cases. You must be patient. In the meantime, you can continue extending your employment authorization. You should also inform the agency if you move.

3. When Can I file My Naturalization Paper?

I’m a green card holder.  Can I file a US citizenship after 3 yrs of continuous stay in the US?

Mr. Lee answers:
Most green cardholders can only file for citizenship after five years. Those who are married to US citizens have the ability to do so after three provided the applicant has held the green card for three years, the US citizen has been a citizen for three years, and the couple has been living together constantly during the three-year period. The law allows such married individuals to file within the 90 day period before the three years if the only unmet condition is the first – not having the green card for the full three years.

4. How Can I Apply for Non-immigrant Work Visa for My Friend?

I live in USA and I have a green card. I want to apply for my friend and his family for non-immigrant work visa which I think can lead to green card. 

Mr. Lee answers:
An individual generally cannot apply for a nonimmigrant work visa for a friend. Usually a work visa involves some type of company sponsorship or the setting up of companies by nonimmigrants from countries having treaties of navigation and commerce with the US, and compliance of the rules for treaty trader (E-1) or treaty investor (E-2) visa.