Alan Lee, Esq. Q&As published on the World Journal Weekly on January 28, 2024 : 1. Applying EAD Encounters Two Situations 2. A Renewal of the H-1B Visa in Canada Should Not Be a Problem 3. For an Expiring Combo Card, You Can Make New Applications 4. Premium Processing Application lockbox Address 5. Mailing Address and Residential Address

1. Applying EAD Encounters Two Situations

A reader asks:

My PD is at the end of July 2022, and now EB1 Form B can be submitted to I-485 to apply for EAD. Now I encounter two situations and want to ask for advice respectively.
1. My wife came to the United States on a J-2 visa from 2004 to 2006, and the old passport she used has been lost. She then returned to China and came to the United States to study again in 2020, using a new passport. Now that I-485 is submitted, a copy of the previous passport must also be submitted, and the old passport has a stamp for entering and exiting the United States, which can prove that the J-2 meets the two-year service requirement of the home country. However, now the old passport is lost. How should I deal with this situation?

2. My wife is currently a student with an F-1 visa and is expected to graduate by the end of next year. She is currently being interviewed for an intern in the summer next year. If I submit the I-485 together with me now, if I want to intern next summer, will I have to activate the I-485 combo card? She can no longer apply for an OPT EAD card. If I submit the I-485 separately now and submit it to her when the deadline is approaching, she might be able to apply for OPT EAD first and then get the combo, or should I submit the I-485 together now while she is intern? Also use I-485 EAD?

Mr. Lee answers,
To your first question, your wife can present a copy of the dependent  DS-2019 form that she had when she came to the US under the J-2 visa; her affidavit explaining what she was doing from 2006 to 2020; and backing that up with whatever evidence that she has of her residence in China or any other country including any subsequent passports that she may have applied for and received outside of the United States.

To your second question, I do not see any disadvantage in filing I-485 applications for both of you at this time. You can both apply for employment authorization cards. I note that we have been seeing USCIS move faster on approving EAD cards based on I-485 filings, most coming well before six months in uncomplicated cases. In addition, USCIS is now giving five years validity time to EAD’s s based upon adjustment.

2. A Renewal of the H-1B Visa in Canada Should Not Be a Problem

A reader asks:
I applied for I-140 and am waiting for approval. However, I still have an H-1B visa in hand, which can last for a while. Even if it expires, I plan to go to Canada to sign it back because I cannot leave the country while waiting for the I-131, which affects my vacation. I would like to ask if there are any disadvantages to submitting I-485 without I-131? For example, will it be slower or something? Can it be only fileI-485, not fileI-131?

Mr. Lee answers:
An I-131 application for advance parole while an I-485 adjustment of status application is pending is purely a benefit and not a detriment. Filing without the advance parole application will not slow the processing of the I-485. With the unexpired H-1B visa, you can travel in and out of the US during the time of processing of the adjustment application. Upon expiration, you should be able to have it renewed since the H-1B is a dual intent visa, allowing an individual to remain in the US on H-1B status while the permanent residence application is pending. Normally a renewal of the H-1B visa in Canada should not be a problem, although US consulates in many countries are wary of giving visas to third country nationals.

3. For an Expiring Combo Card, You Can Make New Applications

A reader asks:
In 2021, when my EB-1A was approved, I still had a pending NIW. In December 2021, I-485 was submitted based on approved EB-1A, and the pending NIW was also withdrawn. Unfortunately, I-485 was still transferred to NSC. In February 2022, there was no movement after the fingerprints were taken. During this period, I also received a NIW withdrawal notice. I received the combo card in June last year. This year I went to congressmen and the White House to urge me, but all I got were template responses from CIS. At this moment, the combo and physical examination are about to expire. what do I do?

Mr. Lee answers:
Unfortunately, USCIS is a money strapped agency and cannot adjudicate all of its cases on a timely basis. That can be seen from the long backlog processing dates that it releases to the public. For an expiring combo card for employment authorization and advance parole, you can make new applications. At this time, there is no additional USCIS filing fee for either application where the I-485 application remains pending. As for the medical examination, it is currently good for two years, and so it is up to you whether to take another one at this time or wait until USCIS is ready to adjudicate and requests a new medical.

4. Premium Processing Application lockbox Address

A reader asks:
I applied for EB-1A for special talents. Last week, UPS sent it to TSC Premium Processing. Today, the entire application was returned. The rejection letter from USCIS said: The fee for the I-129 petition I submitted was incorrect. What’s happening here? I applied for EB-1A and submitted I-140, not I-129 at all. No matter in the I-907, I-140 or cover letter I submitted, it was clearly stated that I was applying for EB-1A. The only thing I can think of is, should I fill in the I-907 and I-140 that I applied for E11? Maybe the people reading it don’t know that EB-1A is E11?

Another possible reason I think is that they thought I sent it to the wrong jurisdiction. I am not in the United States now. When I sent the application, I filled in the mailing address of my previous residence in New Jersey (TSC jurisdiction) and asked the landlord to collect it on my behalf. Physical address is the Chinese address filled in. Maybe they think I can’t send it to TSC using a c/o mailing address in TSC’s jurisdiction. But even so, should a Chinese address be able to send TSC?

Mr. Lee answers:
If you submitted the fees of $700 and $2500, they would be correct fees and USCIS should not have rejected the I-140 petition for alien worker and I-907 premium processing application. It appears that your choice is to send them the same package with an explanation, or to redo the forms and send in the paperwork again. On where to send an application if you are in China, the current address for a person stating an address in New Jersey is:

USCIS Chicago Elgin Lockbox

U.S. Postal Service (USPS):

Attn: Premium I-140
P.O. Box 4008
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4008

FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries:

Attn: Premium I-140 (Box 4008)
2500 Westfield Drive
Elgin, IL 60124-7836

5. Mailing Address and Residential Address

A reader asks:
I am going to apply for I-140. The mailing address (5b-5g) in Part 4 of the form is the Chinese mailing address filled in Chinese. Foreign address (3a-3f) is the Chinese residential address filled in English. Can these two be filled in differently?

Mr. Lee answers:
Mailing address and residential address are many times different. That is the reason for which USCIS gives the two spaces. Many individuals have different mailing addresses for security reasons or because they just prefer that their mail goes to a different address.