Q&A’s published on Lawyers.com and the Epoch Times – 3/16/2018 1. What Can Be Done to Reverse a Deportation? 2. How Do You Start Employment Base Immigration Process? 3. L-2 Extension

1. What Can Be Done to Reverse a Deportation?

My brother was refuse entry today and is being processed for deportation for no apparent reason what can be done?

Mr. Lee answers:
If your brother believes that his summary removal at the port of entry was wrong, he could write to the port director asking that the removal order be rescinded. Otherwise he would have to file a waiver of the removal and have it approved (form I-212) before coming back to this country.

2. How Do You Start Employment Base Immigration Process?

I need a lawyer close to me to start legal work and help me with the paper work. He is very intelligent young man and wants to come over and work for my small business.

Mr. Lee answers:
Starting with a lawyer who is conversant with immigration law is a good place to start. The proximity of a lawyer to you in an employment based case is usually not very relevant. Most applications are remotely processed and not handled by the local field offices of U.S.C.I.S. except for green card interview, which usually occurs after the I-140 immigrant petition is approved at a USCIS regional Service Center. Nonimmigrant work cases are taken care of by one of the regional service centers of Immigration and permanent labor certification cases are for the most part e-filed and adjudicated by the Department of Labor in Atlanta. So pick a lawyer in whom you have some confidence regardless of the physical distance in miles between you. 

3. L-2 Extension

Both my L2 Visa & I-94 is valid till 1/2019 And L2-EAD is valid till 3/2018 Spouse’s L1 Visa validity is till 5/2018 And I-94 till 6/2018 (L1 & L2 are yet to apply for extension soon) Please do advise on applying for L2-EAD extension, Can I apply for L2-EAD extension now or should I wait for extended L1 & L2 Visas to come. is there Premium/expedite process available? Please guide me with available options, how to do.

Mr. Lee answers:
Your EAD is dependent upon your husband’s status. If his date is limited to June 2018, and a trip outside the U. S. and reentry would not further extend his date to January 2019, any EAD extension that you would do at this time would be limited to June 2018. Your husband and you can apply for L-1/L-2 extensions if the ending date of the I-797 approval is within 6 months of being reached. Premium processing on L-1 extensions is allowed although not on the I-539/EAD applications. If such are filed together, however, there is a possibility that the L-2/EAD may also be expedited under premium processing.