Q&A’s published on Lawyers.com and the Epoch Times – 11/24/2017 1. Is It Better to Have an Immigration Lawyer Fill Up I-130 Form? 2. Who Can I Get to Sponsor My Wife? 3. Property VS Green Card 4. How to Apply Citizenship While the Green Card Expired?

1. Is It Better to Have an Immigration Lawyer Fill Up I-130 Form?

Mr. Lee answers:
Although the I-130 petition for alien relative is one of the simpler immigration forms, we have seen many times where a mistake in filling out the form has led to drastic consequences. It is always better to have an immigration lawyer look over the form even if he or she does not fill it out. Whether that is entirely necessary may depend upon the particular facts of the case.

2.Who Can I Get to Sponsor My Wife?

She’s from Dominican Republic and I’m in the U.S. and I work off the books but have to proof of support i was wondering can her parents provide the support they live in her country but has a house there 

Mr. Lee answers:
Only permanent residents and US citizens can sponsor an individual for financial support on form I-864 when the individual applies for permanent residence. I suggest that under the circumstances you would have to have a cosponsor’s affidavit of support from a friend or relative. The affidavit of support of course would have to be credible.

3. Property VS Green Card

I live in Lagos Nigeria and I have friends in the states I am part owner of property there.  How do I get a visa to live there permanently?

Mr. Lee answers:
Being part owner of a property does not give you a leg up on obtaining a green card. Even if it was a commercial property, that would unfortunately not help in most cases as there is no treaty of navigation and commerce between Nigeria and the United States for purposes of long-term nonimmigrant visas like E-1 treaty trader or E-2 treaty investor. If, however, you are the part owner of a commercial business in which your share meets the requirements of the US EB-5 program for immigrant investors ($500,000 in targeted employment areas or $1 million in other areas), you may wish to consult with an immigration lawyer conversant with EB-5 cases for further advice as to how to proceed.

4. How to Apply Citizenship While the Green Card Expired?

My husband wants to obtain his citizenship, his residence card has been expired for more than 4 years. How can we go by obtaining his citizenship?

Mr. Lee answers:
Immigration laws require that a permanent resident keep a valid green card. Your husband should apply for a replacement green card on form I-90 Application for Replacement Green Card at the same time that he is applying for his citizenship.