Q&A’s published on Lawyers.com and the Epoch Times – 08/18/2017 1. Missed My Naturalization Interview 2. Can I Hire Another Lawyer? 3. Asylum and Student Visa?

1.Missed My Naturalization Interview

Missed my naturalization interview, but I have contacted the USCIS multiple times before the interview. Now I am told to contact them within 30 days. Recently I had received a letter that request me to give an explanation for my failure to appear at the naturalization interview, otherwise my case will be closed. Weeks before the interview I had submitted documents in the federal building to explain my situation, and the documents has been stamped. I had also called the USCIS in regard to the documents I submitted and I received a Referral ID to prove that I had contacted them. Upon my second visit to the federal building, the assistant from the office said that it will be safe for me to miss the interview because my documents were stamped by the office. I was told by her that the USCIS will contact me in 3 months for a new test date. Despite all my efforts, I received the letter that I mentioned in the beginning. I am out of the country and would not be able to appear in the federal building within 30 days, I had tried to call the USCIS office and were unable to reach an operator. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Lee answers:
What happened to you is unfortunately more than an irregular occurrence. Missed appointments occasionally result in tremendous delays in having appointments reset, and even worse, sometimes denials. I suggest that you immediately respond to the letter along with giving copies of the documents that you previously submitted to the federal building to explain your situation. In your letter, you can also reference all the times you’ve been in contact with U.S.C.I.S. concerning the issue. With any luck, you will be rescheduled soon. 

2.Can I Hire Another Lawyer?

I have a green card and my husband too, I apply for my daughter but they denied her case, I want to take another lawyer that can help. My daughter have already social and work permit.

Mr. Lee answers:
You are of course free to choose another lawyer for your daughter’s case. The proper course would be for you to make an appointment with the other lawyer and bring all the paperwork including your daughter’s denial so that the lawyer can make an accurate assessment of what is happening with your daughter and exactly how he or she can help out. 

3. Asylum and Student Visa?

I just have few questions for you :
1. My family is here and they haven’t applied for asylum. And they are about to.
2. I still have a valid tourist visa but I’m about to convert it into a student’s status.  Will it affect me ?

Mr. Lee answers:
If you decide to go on your own path and not join the request for political asylum, your application to change status to student would be adjudicated on its own merits.