Q&A’s published on Lawyers.com and the Epoch Times – 03/24/2017 1. Form I-212 is Confusing 2. Marry More Than One Wife 3. How Can Someone Residing in Switzerland Come to the United States?

1. Form I-212 is Confusing

After 150 days administrative processing I got notified that I need to file a form I-212. I was never deported so I thought, but in absence I was put in deportation proceeding even though I was already back in my home country. I tried to reach the embassy but I don’t get any reply. I never been deported but on the form is no section for me to check mark ( like deportation proceeding in absence ) which should I check mark. I have 4 American children but I only see room for 1 child but it would help listing all. Can I handwrite a statement? I do not want to make a mistake after coming that far. 

Mr. Lee answers:
Whether you attend the hearing or receive a deportation order in absentia, that is still considered being deported. So you should put down that you have been deported. In such case, you would have to file the form I-212 for advance permission to come back to the US. Otherwise you would have to stay in the home country until the time that the deportation order expires, in most cases 10 years. Insofar as your four children are concerned, you can use the extra page provided in the form, page 8, for additional information. Copies of their birth papers and any other relevant information that might be favorable to you should be included in the application. You may also look to see whether you also have to file an I-601 waiver of inadmissibility, which would generally be required if you stayed in the US illegally for one year or more or committed other acts such as fraud or misrepresentation or crimes.

 2. Marry More Than One Wife

If it’s in someone’s religion they can marry more than one wife, can one be brought here to USA to marry.

Mr. Lee answers:
The United States has a law against polygamy – no one would be allowed to come to the US to engage in a polygamous marriage. Neither would someone who advocated it be admissible.

3.How Can Someone Residing in Switzerland Come to the United States?

He is from Iraq and has been living in Switzerland and has documents, he would like to know is there a Visa he can apply for and how.

Mr. Lee answers:
If an individual has documents including passport, he or she can apply for a visiting visa to the US as long as that is the purpose for which the individual wants to come to this country. A B-1 visa is for business visiting purposes, and a B-2 visa is for other visiting purposes.