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I Was Denied US Visa Three Times Without Specific Reason

I have strong ties at home and have traveling experience overseas. I reapplied but still denied. l am a clergyman in charge of Nigerian branch. Since 2007,l have been trying to attend our annual convention church program in Brooklyn but always refused.

Mr. Lee answers:

Visiting visas are given in the discretion of American consular officers. Factors that they look upon are the reason for the trip and whether the individual has nonimmigrant intent. You may wish to apply again with all proof that you have sufficient funding to attend your annual convention church program and to return to Nigeria. If you are further denied, your affiliated church in Brooklyn may very well wish to press your case with its local US Congressman or Senator.


How Can I Get Married to My Swedish Boyfriend in Sweden?

We are thinking about getting married in Sweden. I have read in many places that if we do this, then we need give proof to the US of our marriage, and then apply for his green card...and that all of this can take around 8 months or more. My question is this: while we are waiting for all of the paperwork to be processed, is he allowed to visit me using ESTA? Or is he basically barred from the country during this time?

Mr. Lee answers:

An applicant for immigration is not barred from visiting the US during the time of immigrant visa processing if he or she can convince U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the port of entry that he or she does not intend to remain in the US and will exit the US upon completion of the 90 day ESTA period.


Can I Get a Green Card Through My Marriage?

I came to US for J-1 visa. I’m not a subject to 212(e).I want to marry with my girlfriend (she is a US citizen). Can I get a green card? What do I need to do?

Mr. Lee answers:

J-1 exchange visitors who are not subject to the two-year foreign residence requirement are allowed to adjust status in the US if they marry US citizens and are not otherwise inadmissible to the U.S. After marriage, you could apply to U.S.C.I.S. through the filing of forms of I-130 petition for alien relative and I-485 application for adjustment of status to permanent residence along with other required forms and documents to the Chicago lockbox of U.S.C.I.S. and the filing fee of $1760. Processing takes approximately 11 months until you are both interviewed in connection with your immigration application.




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