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Can I Get Sponsored by My Job After They Found Out I Have a Bad Social?

I've been working at the same job since high school. I used a social security number that's bad. Now it’s been found out because of the affordable care act. My question is if I can try and get my job to sponsor me and if not what are my best bets? I don't have any pending charges, felonies, and I have a bachelor’s degree. I also have been with this company for close to 13 years.

Mr. Lee answers:

Whether your employer will sponsor you is up to it. Doing so would be an acknowledgment that it knows that you are not a permanent resident or US citizen. It may feel an obligation to you for your almost 13 years with the company, but it may also be reluctant if you did not previously inform them of your true status or because of the possibility of immigration fines.


How To Prove Physical Presence in USA for Citizenship?

This is just to prove that I have been physically present in the country for a period of time. Employed persons can get an employment letter. How would unemployed people go about it? Can a notary help? eg. signing documents in city?

I am currently renting two safety deposit boxes and access them weekly so the bank has a record. What else can I do? Can i pledge something in front of a notary every two weeks...sign some documents and the notary stamps it with the name of city ?

Mr. Lee answers:

For citizenship cases, relevant documents to prove physical presence in the US are passports, other travel documents, reentry permits, tax returns, evidence of schooling, past employment, leases with rent receipts, deeds with mortgage statements, banking statements, utility bills, telephone bills, etc. Your having two safety deposit boxes and accessing them weekly is questionable as the bank may not give you your access records. Pledging something in front of a notary every two weeks may help, but a notary's stamp is not an official government document and some notaries have been known to falsely notarize papers of individuals not in front of them.



High Risk to Get Citizenship With Arrest Record?

I was convicted of shoplifting in 2013. I went to court and served a community service for a day. I know that I have to wait at least 5years to apply for it and I got Certificated disposition from court. I wonder it is really high risk to get citizenship with my record? I'm going to hire a lawyer when it's time.

Mr. Lee answers:

The period of good moral character is five years. If you have committed no other crimes and five years have passed before your application for citizenship, it would not be a high risk for you to obtain US citizenship. I assume that the shoplifting occurred after you obtained your LPR status or you disclosed it on your green card application if it happened before obtaining LPR status. 





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