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Is It Possible to Immigrate If I'm Under 18?

I'm going to finish school next year and I want to move to Pennsylvania, Boalsburg and go to high school for 12th grade. My aunt and her family of husband and 3 kids live here and I’ve been visiting them since 2011. So is it possible to move here and become a legal resident without my own parents moving with me? It's just me and I would live with my second American family in Boalsburg.

Mr. Lee answers:

Normally it would not be possible for you to immigrate by just going to Pennsylvania and living with your aunt’s family that you have been visiting since 2011. The only possible way would appear to be if you are claiming special juvenile status as a child who has been declared dependent on a juvenile court; whom a juvenile court has legally committed to, were placed under the custody of, an agency or department of the state; or who has been placed under the custody of an individual or entity appointed by a state or juvenile court. The juvenile court must find that juvenile’s reunification with one or both of the juvenile’s parents is not viable due to neglect, abuse, abandonment, or a similar basis found under state law.


While Filling N-400 Based On 3 Year Rule, Is It Enough to List 3 Years of Address and Job Information?

Mr. Lee answers:

I believe that you could do so, and just to avoid confusion, you should add a note saying that you are qualifying for naturalization under the three-year rule and are therefore only providing 3 years worth of addresses and employment. If an examiner wants more, be prepared to supply the information at interview.



Worked Under the Table Now I Am Getting an 1099

I worked for a lady during university and I got paid under the table for helping her design a patent. Now she is stealing all my work and threatening to issue me a 1099 because I refuse to do more work for her.

Mr. Lee answers:

You are indeed in a difficult situation in which you will have to choose between having a record of your work and continuing to work for someone that you consider less than honorable in taking credit for your work. Choosing the former course may not be as consequential as you believe as there is not to my knowledge automatic data sharing between U.S.C.I.S. and IRS.





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