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Can I Cancel My I-765 Application for Replacement of OPT EAD Card, If I Got My Old Card Back?

I had lost my OPT EAD card recently and I got it back today. However I had sent new I-765 application for replacement card. So can I cancel my new application for replacement card?

Mr. Lee answers:

Yes, you can cancel your new application when you receive the receipt of filing. That will give you a case number with which you can correspond with U.S.C.I.S. I do note, however, that U.S.C.I.S. will not return your filing fee. 


How Do We Resubmit a Green Card Application (Through Marriage) After Receiving a Rejection Letter Because One of the Checks Had an Incorrect Date?

My husband (US citizen) and I submitted our green card application about a month ago. We just receive a rejection notice because one of the checks had an incorrect date. How do we proceed with the resubmission? Our documents were returned in a random order, stapled together. Out photo album is missing and the medical examination folder is bent in a zip lock bag. Should we resent everything as it is with a corrected check and a cover letter? What about the missing items? Should we send a new application starting from scratch?

Mr. Lee answers:

You should resend everything with the correct the check and cover letter, and put the rejection letter on top so that the U.S.C.I.S. cashier can see that you are responding to a rejected application. The file should be coordinated with the missing items by U.S.C.I.S. when you send everything back.



Can I Directly Apply for U.S. Passport?

I was born out of wedlock, my mom married a citizen so she became naturalized when i was 14,i got my green card at 15 and came here in US. im 24 now.. can i derive my citizenship from my mom and directly apply for a US passport? if so, what are the requirements?

Mr. Lee answers:

The Child Citizenship Act took effect on 2/27/01 and would apply to you if you were under 18 on the date. If so, you would appear to fit the requirements for automatic citizenship as long as you were in the legal and physical custody of your mother when you came to the U. S. That provision allows persons to become citizens automatically if the parent is a U. S. citizen, the child is under 18 and a permanent resident, and in the legal and physical custody of the U. S. citizen parent. To apply, you would fill out a passport application and present it to an authorized passport acceptance facility. You should present the naturalization certificate of your mother, your birth certificate, proof of your admission for permanent residence, and that you resided with your mother when you entered the U. S.






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