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I Got Letter From Selective Service System But I Am on F1 Visa

I just applied to DMV and get learning permit. but suddenly i got the letter from Selective service system regarding already registered and it has my Selective Service Number also.

Mr. Lee answers:

You can and should write to Selective Service informing the agency that you are a current F-1 visa holder. The registration should be canceled as non-immigrants holding current legal status are not amenable to being registered under the system.


If I Helped My Church Members to Fill Up I-589 Form and Signed My Name on Form, Does It Affect My Apply of Asylum Later On?

We're believers of underground Church in China, because of persecution of government, we've fled here. So, I would like to have your advise on some questions I have.

Mr. Lee answers:

If the I-589 form is correct and true, there is nothing to worry about either on the criminal law side or immigration law side. However, if you have knowingly participated in fraud, such acts in helping to prepare I-589 forms and signing your name could be held against you on both sides. 


American Living Abroad

I'm a USC by birth I came to Dominican Republic to be with my fiancé (now husband) we are now pregnant and have decided to return back to America for our baby. We had an apartment a few months back but we are at his parents house and I pay money to his mom to help out with food or whatever. So I'm looking at the application for the I-130 and the part where we must provide documents that we comingle (live together) is a little difficult since we don't own the house or have a lease agreement. Would a letter from her be excepted in this case. I've called the embassy and explain my situation and I am able to dcf(direct consular file) I have plenty of messages between us , pictures, and letters from my family knowing about relationship and marriage. That's the only thing I'm stuck on can you please advise me. Also since our child isn't born yet we don't have the birth certificate which would help but we want our child to be born in America not here.

Mr. Lee answers:

The crux of a marriage green card case is whether there is a bona fide marriage in which the spouses are living together. In your case, just the fact that you are an American living with your fiancé now husband in a foreign country is a strong piece of evidence that your marriage is bona fide. If you are already pregnant, you can obtain a letter from your doctor giving your expected date of delivery and any facts that he or she may know concerning whether your husband has been present during your examinations.






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