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Requesting For Further Evidence

I am filing for my petition and I was asked to provide proof of all the things I have together with my wife. But I do not have all the requirements that they are asking for. I would like to get help with this issue please and thanks. Things were messed up with us and now I am not sure how to do this.

Mr. Lee answers:

While you cannot ignore the items that are requested, you can give other items that you believe would prove the bona fides of your marital relationship. Anything that you believe would be good proof of the fact that you are both living together – even police reports – can be used as long (as they do not show that you were an aggressor in domestic violence). Affidavits of others with knowledge of your situation are also relevant, especially if they are written by people with high credibility.


Selective Service for U.S. Citizenship

I'm applying for my US citizenship. I am 30yrs old. I just found out that I had to apply to the selective service as a requirement for citizenship. I think I remember doing it when I signed up for Financial Aid. What do I do?

Mr. Lee answers:

If you have already applied for selective service and now wish to obtain the record, you should go on to the website of the selective service at in order to retrieve the information. You can then print out the page and keep it with you for the interview with U.S.C.I.S.

Can My Stepchild Study While She Is Changing Visa Status (From B-2 to E-2 Dependant)?

I moved to the USA few months ago with my wife and her child (7) all with a B2 visa. I just applied for an E2 Visa and I'm waiting for a response. My wife and her child are going to change status to become my dependants. I need to find a way to make her child go to school ASAP (I've been told that the change of status takes average 6 months). Can she study while she is changing status from B2 to E2?

Mr. Lee answers:

While a child's going to school may have a negative effect upon a change of status to F-1 student, I do not believe that there is a prohibition against allowing a child to go to school while changing to E-2. You may, however, have to convince the school district to allow your stepchild to register.

Can My Long-term Girlfriend Who Is My Children’s Mother Be A Beneficiary in My Immigrant Case?

My brother filled an application in 1997. I’m living with my women for 24 years. Can she also be a beneficiary? We have 3 kids together 20, 15, and 7 years.

Mr. Lee answers:

I assume that you are either a native of Mexico or the Philippines since the date of visa availability under the F-4 category would have long passed for a person born in any other country. That observation aside, the woman that you have been living with for 24 years can only be a beneficiary if she is legally married to you. The fact that you have three children together does not give her dependent status.





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