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Is There Any Way to Stop Deportation With Two Felonies On Your Records?

My husband was detained by immigration on Feb. 11, 2016.  He has two drug felonies on his record.  Is there any way to stop deportation?

Mr. Lee answers:

Usually one drug felony is enough to bar a person permanently from the US. Two drug felonies would be tremendously problematic. You should bring all of his criminal court records along with his immigration history file to an immigration lawyer to obtain his or her opinion as to what if anything can be done to help your husband.


While Filing Form I-130, Should We Use Both of His Last Names or Just The One I Took?

I'm filing the I-130 with my husband for citizenship, he has two last names on birth certificate and etc and when we got married we decided to take one. He still has two last names.

Mr. Lee answers:

In filing the I-130 petition for your husband, you should put down both last names are which on the birth certificate for your husband. At some point or other, your husband's immigration paperwork has to match the name on the birth certificate. Whether you decide to take only one of his last names as your married name likely makes no difference, but truncating his last name on his own papers might cause a problem.

US Custom Law for Importing Used Goods for Sale in the US

I have bought two cameras and a lens from Amazon over a period of two years (in 2014-2015) for personal use, their current total value is approximately less than $2000. When I bought them I paid sales tax, and I have used them for the duration of owning them. I'm now currently traveling to the USA and I’m considering selling them on eBay or through a trade in program at a camera store. Legally, can I sell them back in the US? Must I declare them? What does the law say?

Mr. Lee answers:

I do not believe that the casual sale of two cameras and a lens that you acquired over a period of two years would be prohibited by law. I also do not believe that you would have to declare anything from the sale inasmuch as the amount of profit would probably not be enough to compel you to file a tax return. I am not aware of any law in the area as my area is immigration law, and am only giving you a common-sense answer.




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