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I Have Not Yet Received Any Notice From USCIS

I have married with white American student 8 month ago I send all my document to immigration 8 month ago but I didn’t got any email from them yet . 4 month ago my husband got in jail because he fought with a girl in bar and he was drunk. He stayed in jail 2 month and he in probation now he pay them $45 every month. why didn’t got any paper yet it is because my husband been in jail my all paper work been expired 45 days ago. How can I renew my paper because immigration didn’t call me for finger print yet.  Is my husband cannot help me anymore because he been in jail.

Mr. Lee answers:

I do not know whether you sent in the correct paperwork, but in order to receive biometrics, you would have had to file for an I-485 application to adjust status to permanent residence. You should have received a biometrics notice within 2-3 months of your having submitted the application. I suggest that you call the U.S.C.I.S. National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 to explain your situation and have U.S.C.I.S. send you the biometrics appointment. Your husband's being in jail would not have anything to do with your failure to receive a fingerprint appointment. Usual reasons for non-receipt are individuals moving to another address without notifying Immigration or persons not having their names on mailboxes and having the post office return the communication.


What Can I Do When the Immigration Police Pick Up My Boyfriend?

He was arrested on public intoxication and let go on bond. Now this morning the police came and picked him up.  What can I do? They said he had to go in front of a judge.

Mr. Lee answers:

A good idea once someone is picked up is to involve a lawyer in the case. The lawyer can attempt to obtain the alien's immigration story and figure out what options are available in his or her defense. Useful questions to know the answers to are whether the individual has had problems with Immigration previously, whether the person has had criminal arrests, how long a person has been in the country, what relatives that person has, and what other equities there are, etc.. Dependent upon the person's history, bond may be available, or other reliefs such as a grant of prosecutorial discretion resulting in administrative closure, asylum, withholding of removal, etc.

My Friend Came to America With an Academic Grant, Now She Canít Return for Two Years. Is There Any Way to Reduce That Time Period?

She is Russian -eventually wants to get into a doctorates program (has a Russian Ph.D in sociology) -was awarded the Fulbright grant to come to the us for 6 months

Mr. Lee answers:

I assume that your friend has a two-year bar because she previously came to the US as an J-1 exchange scholar or student for which there was a two-year foreign residence requirement. A J visa bar is inapplicable to persons who apply for another J or F-1 student visa. In that case, a qualified candidate's visa application is decided in the discretion of the US consular officer.



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