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Can I Work in the U.S. While Under Tourist Visa?

If I have a tourist visa to US from Dubai and I found a job Can I work while I have my tourist visa?

Mr. Lee answers:

Unfortunately tourists are not allowed to work in the US. Sorry. 


Am I a U.S. Citizen?

I was born out of wedlock; my biological father was a US citizen serving in the military. He never legitimated me; he lived in the US before and after his time in the military and has always been a US citizen. I was adopted by a US citizen at the age of 2.  My mother has held a green card and has lived in the US since 1968, now has US citizenship. I was born July 1966. I live in Germany and have family in the US (sisters).

Mr. Lee answers:

If you were adopted at the age of 2 by a U. S. citizen, but never became a permanent resident, you would not likely be a U. S. citizen by your adoptive parent as adopted children in the past had to be adopted while under 16, admitted for permanent residence, have had 2 years of residence in the legal custody of the adoptive parent and be under the age of 18 at the time that the naturalization petition was filed. You would also not likely be a citizen by virtue of being born out of wedlock and your biological father never legitimating you as the law from the time of your birth until you were 18 required that there be proof of your father’s physical residence in the U. S. or a U. S. possession or during military service for 10 years prior to your birth, 5 of which were after the age of 14, that he agree in writing to support you until the age of 18; and that paternity be established and he legitimate you, or acknowledge paternity, or have paternity established by court adjudication. 


Daughter Is In a Relationship With An Illegal Immigrant.

Can she get into trouble by being with him? How can he be deported?

Mr. Lee answers:

Your daughter cannot get into trouble by getting into a relationship with an undocumented immigrant. That is, unless she commits crimes with him. In answer to your question as to how your daughter’s boyfriend can be deported, I note that before he is deported, he would be afforded due process under U. S. immigration laws. An undocumented immigrant who is caught up in immigration proceedings may first have his case considered for prosecutorial discretion by ICE, then afforded a hearing before the immigration court if there is no agreement for prosecutorial discretion.  If the decision by the immigration court goes against him, he is entitled to appeal his case to the appellate authority of the U. S. Justice Department and later to the federal courts. 



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