Published on and the Epoch Times on September 16, 2016

Q & A 1.

Q&A 1.

Iím a U.S. Citizen and I Met a Girl in India. Can I Bring Her Here to the U.S.?

What’s the process? She is 23 and I’m 18.

Mr. Lee answers:

Your choices are that she can attempt to come to the U. S. as a visitor and you and your family can support her efforts through guaranteeing her financial state during the time that she is here and that she will return to India after the visit is over. If you are more serious about her, you can petition for her as a K-1 fiancée and if approved, you would have to be married within 90 days of her coming to the U. S., and she would then file papers to adjust her status to permanent residence on the basis of the marriage. You can also travel to India, marry her there, and file a relative petition for her to come over as an immigrant. The visitor visa process can take from 1-3 months, the K-1 process is approximately 9 months and the relative petition process one year assuming that the case goes smoothly. 



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