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Q&A 1.

My Brother Was Barred for Five Years for Working on Tourist Visa

I want him to come back by March 2016.  Can he apply for tourist visa and come back in U.S. as his five years are complete already and what are the chances of him getting a tourist visa?

Mr. Lee answers:

I assume that your brother had a problem on entry which caused the 5 year bar. After the 5 years, he may be able to apply for another tourist visa, and whether he gets it will depend on the discretion of the American consulate or embassy officer. If he is able to show that he has good ties and bonds with the home country and makes a good impression, there is a good chance that he may be able to obtain the tourist visa.

Q&A 2.

How Long Will the Processing of My Application of U.S. Citizenship Take in New York City?

I read somewhere that the duration of the processing has been changed to 16-18 months and I want to know if it can be speed up.

Mr. Lee answers:

The current processing time chart for naturalization in New York City is approximately 8 months, not 16-18 months.

Q&A 3.

L1 to F1 Change Of Status

Can I still be employed to my current employer while I apply L1 to F1 COS?

Mr. Lee answers:

Until the time that there is an adjudication on the F-1 change of status, you can still be employed by your present employer so long as your L-1 petition is still valid. If the F-1 change of status is denied and you are still maintaining L-1 status, you can still continue working under that status.

Q&A 4.

I Am a US Citizen Married to an Illegal Immigrant, Who Has a Child Born in the U.S.

My husband entered the US falsely claiming to be a citizen. He was caught and not allowed to enter. He was issued a ban order. He has a 13 year old child who was born in the US. Does he have any chance at getting some kind of residency or work permit?

Mr. Lee answers:

If your husband falsely claimed to be a U. S. citizen on or after September 30, 1996, he is permanently barred from immigrating to the U. S. He may be eligible for a nonimmigrant visa waiver with factors to be considered such as the nature and date of the offense, rehabilitation of character, and the necessity for, or the urgency of his proposed trip to the United States.



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