Published on the World Journal Weekly on September 20, 2015


Q&A 1.

I Know that I Was Deported How do I Find Out for How Long Since I Lost All Papers?

An alien asks:

I got my green card in 1999, had a crime and was deported in 2005. I know that most deportations are for 10 years, but cannot find any of my paperwork. I know I also signed some papers during the deportation process. How can I know for how long I have been barred from the U. S.?

Mr. Lee answers:

I suggest that you discuss your situation with the attorney who represented you if you had one. An attorney should keep records and be able to answer your question. If you did not have an attorney or he/she is no longer available, you should request a copy of your file from U.S.C.I.S. under the freedom of information act. It should contain the paperwork that you signed. If you are still unclear as to how long you have been barred, you should make an appointment for a consultation with an immigration lawyer and bring a copy of the file.


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