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Under What Circumstances is a Police Certificate from the Home Country Required, and How to Get It.

Wang reader asks:

My son’s immigrant paper is under F4 category and is in the counselor processing stage.  I believe his son (my grandson) will be protected by CSPA, however, I am not sure.  He is now in the U.S. studying in a PhD program.  I assume his case will be approved by NVC to immigrate to the U.S. with his father and his case will be transferred to the U.S. Immigration.  My question is that during this waiting period, can he leave the U.S. and return to China for his police record?  His son was told by the school that he must go back to China and get it himself.  Will it affect his green card?  Should he go back?  What to do if he does not go back? 

Dear reader,

Your question is slightly confusing, but possibly because you believe a police certificate from China is required for a person who adjusts status to permanent residence in the U. S. That is not one of the requirements when an individual submits an I-485 application to adjust status. On the other hand, if your grandson will be accompanying his father for consular processing in China at the American consulate in Guangzhou, he would require a police certificate from China. However, the Chinese police certificate can be requested and obtained prior to the time that he returns to China. This can be arranged with the help of the local Chinese consulate in the U. S.

Q&A 2.

I Lost My Naturalization Certificate What Should I Do?

A reader asks:

  1. I lost my naturalization certificate and I do not know the certificate number.  Where should I file for a replacement?

  2. I was naturalized in 1998.  I have my driver license and social security number.  Will these information enough?

  3. After I file papers for a replacement, how long will I hear from U.S.C.I.S.?  Should I file my fingerprint certificate when I file for a replacement or to wait for fingerprint notice?

Dear reader,

Dependent upon where you reside in the United States, you would either be filing an N-565 application to replace citizenship or naturalization certificate at U.S.C.I.S.’s lockbox in Texas or Nebraska. U.S.C.I.S. should be able to find your entitlement to U. S. citizenship so long as you have your alien registration number (number on the green card). Having a driver’s license and Social Security number will not be enough information, but your green card number should be enough. The processing time for an N-565 application is approximately 1 ½ years for the Nebraska service center and 7 months for the Texas service center based on current processing times of U.S.C.I.S.  No biometrics or fingerprints are required for the application.


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