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Article "Extorting Protectors Of The Innocent On DACA; I-485 Filing When U.s.c.i.s. Says That You Cannot; H-1B Decisions To Mull Over; Other H-1B Scuttlebutt; Planning Your Litigation According To Circuit" as published in the Immigration Daily on March 1, 2018.


Article "President Trump – In How Many Ways Does He Hurt This Country? – DACA And More" as published in the Immigration Daily on January 17, 2018.


Article "No Surprises In January 2018 Visa Bulletin; Dangers In Leaving The U. S. For NIV Consular Interviews; Varied H-1B RFE Response Strategies" as published in the Immigration Daily on December 15, 2017.


Alan Lee, Attorney-At-Law, Wins Two Immigration Administrative Appeals at AAO.


Article "Visa Lottery Program In Trump World; Attestation Of Translation Dangers; DNA Testing Standards; Interviews For Employment Based Cases; Interpreter Acceptability At U.S.C.I.S. Interviews; Eb-5 China Case Backlog And Trump" as published in the Immigration Daily on November 6, 2017.


Article "New Travel Ban, Succeed Act, Detainer Problems For Administration, DOS 90 Day Rule For Misrepresentation, H-1B Premium Processing Resumption, And DOL On PERM And H-1B LCA’s" as published in the Immigration Daily on September 29, 2017.

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Articles, Questions & Answers

03.13.18   April 2018 Visa Chart
03.09.18 1.How Long Will It Take to Fix My Boyfriend Papers After We Get Married?
2.What Do I Need to Do to Become a Permanent Residence of This Country?
3.Adopt a Foreign National
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on March 9, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
03.04.18 1.What To Do If I Leave My Present H-1B Employer and Two Other Companies Want My Services?
2.H-4 Employment Card
3.Can I Get an H-1B With Bachelors In Accounting?
4.How Can My Wife Come Back To The U.S. After Being Sent Back On Entry Two Years Ago?
Q&A's published on the World Journal Weekly on March 4, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
03.02.18 1.From B-2 to F-1
2.Political Asylum Closed Then Get Married
3.Will I Be Able to Get my Citizenship?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on March 2, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
02.27.18   VT, TX, CA, NE,Potomac, IPO & NBC Processing Times Updated
02.23.18 1.I Am A Mother Having a Permanent Resident Status in The USA. I Have An Unmarried Son To Be Filed As A Relative.
2.What Was The Best/Safe Route to Take On OPT Extension or H-1B?
3.I Am 18 Years Old. I Wanted to Know That If I Get Married to My Boyfriend Will The Age Matter When I Try to Fix For Him?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on February 23, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
02.16.18 1.Consulate Interview
2.Re-entry Permit
3.Do the I-94 Record and the Arrival Date for the Foreign Spouse in Form 1-130 Refer to Their Last Entrance in the US?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on February 16, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
02.09.18 1.What is the Understanding of "Uninterrupted Period of At Least 1 Year Since Your Admission As a Permanent Resident"?
2.How Can I Apply For Citizenship Having a Misdemeanor?
3.Should I File I-130 or For My Daughter's Citizenship?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on February 9, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
02.02.18 1.How to Apply for a Work Permit While Awaiting an Asylum Decision?
2.Can I have Two H-1B Visas at The Same Time?
3.Marriage Visa vs Tourist Visa
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on February 2, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
01.27.18 1.How to Petition My Son?
2.Asylum Case
3.When Can I file My Naturalization Paper?
4.How Can I Apply for Non-immigrant Work Visa for My Friend?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on January 26, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
01.19.18 1.I Have F-1 Visa. If My Asylum Application Denied, Can I Get OPT?
2.Will A Lawyer Be Able to Help Me With The Process of a Change of Status If I Am Married With an Expired Not Stamped Visa?
3.Do I Qualify As Qualifying Relationship for Hardship? My Boyfriend of 24 Years Is Being Held by ICE.
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on January 19, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
01.12.18 1.Renewal of Driver’s License
2.H-1 Cap Exemption Without Change of Status
3.During My Asylum Case is Pending, Can I Work With EAD and Keep My F-2 Visa?
4.C1/D Visa
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on January 12, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
01.09.18 1.Am I Eligible to File for Naturalization Where I Have a Tax Payment Agreement with IRS?
2.What Do My H-4 Wife and 2 Children Do In The Situation Where My First Employer Filed Her Extension Papers Late, And I Am Now With a New Employer on the Pending Transfer?
3.Can My Husband Go To Another U. S. Consulate For F-2 Visa Processing?
4.Does My Husband Have to Return to the Consulate in Jamaica to Turn in His H-2B Temporary Worker Visa If He Already Filed His Application to Adjust Status in the United States?
Q&A's published on the World Journal Weekly on Janauary 7, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
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