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Article "Even With The Child Separation Issue, Why Donald Trump Feels Confident About The Midterms" as published in the Immigration Daily on June 21, 2018.


Matter of Y-M-C- States Limit on U.S.C.I.S. Ability to Automatically Deny I-212 Because of Another Possible Ground of Inadmissibility


Article "Warnings On Immigration Changes" as published in the Immigration Daily on May 15, 2018.


Article "For Some Well-to-do China-born, A Faster, More Useful, And Perhaps Less Expensive Alternative Than Eb-5 Investment To U. S. Immigration" as published in the Immigration Daily on April 12, 2018.


Article "Extorting Protectors Of The Innocent On DACA; I-485 Filing When U.s.c.i.s. Says That You Cannot; H-1B Decisions To Mull Over; Other H-1B Scuttlebutt; Planning Your Litigation According To Circuit" as published in the Immigration Daily on March 1, 2018.


Article "President Trump – In How Many Ways Does He Hurt This Country? – DACA And More" as published in the Immigration Daily on January 17, 2018.

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Articles, Questions & Answers

07.20.18 1.How Can I Speed Up the Immigration Process for U.S. Citizen’s Sibling Case?
2.Can a US Citizen File Immigrant Paper for Goddaughter?
3.Can My Mother Get Her US Citizenship Back After Being Deported For a Drug Related Offense?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on July 20, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
07.13.18   August 2018 Visa Chart
07.13.18 1.Get Green Card From Visitor Visa
2.I Have H-1B Visa Until 2021 so If I Apply for Asylum Will This Affect My H-1B Visa Status. Will My H-1B Visa Be Canceled?
3.Transferred H-1B Visa, Got I-797B Consular Approval, But Have A Valid I-94. Is Consulate Visit (stamping) Needed Immediately?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on July 13, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
06.08.18 1.My mother is a U.S. citizen
2.Can a Person With a Withholding of Removal Buy a House?
3.Will I Still Be Able to Work on My EAD?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on June 8, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
06.01.18 1.Can I Get Sponsored by My Job After They Found Out I Have a Bad Social?
2.How To Prove Physical Presence in USA for Citizenship?
3.High Risk to Get Citizenship With Arrest Record?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on June 1, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
05.25.18 1.Is It Possible to Immigrate If I'm Under 18?
2.While Filling N-400 Based On 3 Year Rule, Is It Enough to List 3 Years of Address and Job Information?
3.Worked Under the Table Now I Am Getting an 1099
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on May 25, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
05.18.18 1.Would Like to Change O-3 to a Working Visa, What Are the Options?
2.F-2A NVC Documents
3.E-1 visa
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on May 18, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
05.11.18 1.Is There Any Impact on L-2 EAD Renewal Approval If My L-2 Visa Extension Is Pending?
2.Partner Moving to U.S. to Study PhD and I Would Like to Go With and Work
3.B-2 Visa But Pregnant
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on May 11, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
05.04.18 1.B1/B2 Visa - Legal to Work?
2.Can I Get Married Before My Consulate Interview?
3.K-1 Visa
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on May 4, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
04.27.18 1.Regular EAD and Green Card
2.Have Both H-1B & B1/B2 visas, Safe to Enter as Visitor?
3.What Documents Should A Divorced Green Card Holder Has Traveling From the USA to The Home Country and Back to the USA?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on April 27, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
04.20.18 1.Can I Cancel My I-765 Application for Replacement of OPT EAD Card, If I Got My Old Card Back?
2.How Do We Resubmit a Green Card Application (Through Marriage) After Receiving a Rejection Letter Because One of the Checks Had an Incorrect Date?
3.Can I Directly Apply for U.S. Passport?
Q&A's published on and the Epoch Times on April 20, 2018
(English)(Chinese Traditional) (Chinese Simplified)
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